Called to Serve: Stories of the Men and Women Confronted by the
Vietnam War Draft

by Tom Weiner

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Called to Serve Vietnam Book

CALLED TO SERVE: Stories of the Men and Women Confronted by the Vietnam War Draft is Tom’s first book.  Tom was drafted and called for a physical in May of his senior year, '71.  He tells the story of what happened to him along with those of 30 of the 61 other men and women he interviewed in the book

The book seeks to promote long overdue healing from the after-effects of the Vietnam War. It depicts through oral history the range of stories and experiences hitherto often kept separate and allows the reader to understand what caused the decisions that were made as well as what happened to those who served, those who resisted, those who left, those who chose conscientious objection, those who beat the draft and those who loved, counseled and supported.

In addition, the book is intended to resonate with high school and college students who will have many touch points including the experience of witnessing or participating in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as having been raised by the generation that was confronted by the War in Vietnam.  Reading this book will enable young people to better understand what motivated the preceding generation to take the variety of courses of action depicted in the book and could open doors to meaningful conversations with family members.    

Tom Weiner

CALLED TO SERVE has been waiting to be written for 40 years. Tom says, “It has been a fascinating journey as well as a great privilege to receive these always powerful, always moving testimonies. The seven years it has taken from conception to publication has been a labor of love in which I have been fortunate to have enabled 61 men and women to gain access to long buried memories and promote reflection and deeper awareness of themselves then and now.”